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Friday, March 9, 2012

update my blog

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im back beb!he5!
its been a long time i didnt update my blog!
so, my blog is active collecting dust!
(what a great activities)
i think its enough with collecting the dust.
i'll be tired to clean all the dust!ha5!
( apa la yg ku ngarut nie???)
im sorry coz i didnt have internet,thats why i didnt have time to update my blog like always!
i didnt have enough money to buy a broadband-sedihnya!

yesterday i went to the Billion that was near my house 
i saw 3 little kitten-so cute!
but didnt bring it back coz my sisters worried mak will be nag.
(but,im not scared.dont know why? maybe coz i always hear my mak nag)
hu5!dont be mad mak..he5!
then, we didnt bring the kitten back to our house coz i didnt see the kitten anymore
maybe playing somewhere else!

but,i already bought a pair of rabbit-kind a cute!
mak didnt agree im buying the rabbit
but the rabbit so cute-cannot hold myself when i see them for the first time!
(like cinta pandang pertama)
i wishing they would be good couple.he5!

the rabbit that was black and white is the male one n the other one is female.

then,my sis said that city plaza held a JUALAN GUDANG!
ha5! kind a mood of shopping.
so,maybe i'll go there n checkout if there is something to buy!
(no money,i guess i just window shopping)
i wish i could buy this :
ha5!maybe it will be listed in my "to buy list"
he5!if someone would like to support me,i'll be glad! he5!

i think...

i wanna tell u that im crazy with button.
i have been buying it large quantity-dont know what to do yet!
but if u also crazy with the button u can buy it Sweet Corner.
i ask my friend to put in her blogshop.
im also produce some craft product.
u cann visit her blogshop if u like buying items online-just like me!
easier for me coz im a bit lazy to go out..

ok, i think i'll stop at here coz dont have any new story!
oh, i already received my STPM result!i hope that i can continue study
n the most important is get degree!
hope so....
wish me all the best!!!

that all peeps!thanks coz spending ur time reading my blog!
im appreciate it...


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