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Sunday, December 28, 2014

EV trip to p.Pineng and Langkawi

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1stly, i want to apologise,
coz i have the short term memory,
i cant remeber the date i went to ev trip for my course
u know what?
this ev trip is compulsory this sem
makan angin ja keja
i went to P.Pineng then went to Langkawi
dont know what to tell la,
fully forget...
i'll explain a little with the picture that i have uploaded,if im not toooo blurred
or become completely forget about it.
so here it comes the pictures.....

firstly, we when to penang port

they got a large space to put this :

 then, we went to the Maskargo.
but im not sure whether it was in P.Pineng or Langkawi
but i think in the Pineng.

im absolutely sure maskargo was in pineng,sorry for being tooo confuse...

then, we went to pineng ferry.
our president said we must try it
this is for the 1st time using this ferry without car, new experienced

not toooo long to walk, but it sure a good exercise.thumbs up...

 then, we went to kuala perlis to take a ferry to Langkawi...

smpai langkawi
gmbar2 strusnya xleh nk explain,totally x igt dh.
so enjoy gambar(sorry)



konon2nya pi Langkawi kali nih xmau beli bnyk brg
tp dh dsbabkn pi merata shopping pnya tmpat, maka smngat nk mmbli tu mmbuak2
last2, bnyk gak gue beli.
(sorry mak)

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