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Friday, March 21, 2014

Taman Orkid_ 17 Mac 14

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upacara melawat taman orkid kali ke-2
kali dh brtmbah sikit rkyat malaysia coz housemate pn ikut jg
nnti mesti rombngan akn dtg turut mnjdi meriah gak
coz sekarang ni weekend n smentara xda assignment brtimbun2 mnta disiapkn,
leh la gue mngupdate,tu pn gmbar hat simpan lma dh.
esok aku bkal mngembara(LOL),
bkan jauh taqa mana pn, daerah kelantan ja.
merendek jap,bukan pa, bosan sgt
buku brtimbun2 mnta dbca nih bnyk, tp cmna ntah.
feeling nk mmbaca tu xbeqapa nk mai dowh
feeling nk mengupdte ja hat mai,so bt lah yg mna hat kita berasa nk bt
(dont try this anywhere u are)
so trmelekat satu gmbaq hat xda kena mngena dgn pi tman orkid, gmbar tme pi agm SRN.
sj ja selit.
kali ni gmbar gmbar bnyk sikit noh,
coz kamera tlh ditaja olh housemate.
so tgk je lah gmbar,muka2 ku yg xberapa nk famous tuh.
jgn ngutuk dh la,k chill guys!




Thursday, March 20, 2014

let face the true story

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ok for this morning
i thought i should tell about my experience.
(please ignore my broken english, just want to practise it)
so, i absolutely sure that not many people would like to read my post for this time
people will start thinking
what a post about experience, it will sound blah blah blah....and bla...
but wait a sec, im sure this post somehow will relate to ur life
either it will happen, it is happen or already happen in ur life
(so which one?)
so i'll try the best to make this long post to be interesting and i'll summarise it to be shorter

so let me start it...
so, as u all know im studying at UMK
ok?if u dont know,now u already know it.
i will not write about my university in this post.
so before i was accepted to be the university student,
people always said, 
"hey,dont worry lah, university will not be tough like the school"
im feeling so glad when listening to the statement( i should not mention who said the statement)
when im still a student i always thought that after this i'll not be suffer like in the school,
no need to read too many book, no need to carry the heavy bag, 
no punishment when i didnt complete my homework, dont have to worry if i come late to class,
no morning class (start at 7am), will have more freedom,
and many more....
look, i already thinking so many things that i dont have to face if im a university student.

after the stpm exam, i already feel the freedom.
huh, but it just for a moment only
after that, i have face the real life as a university student.
im not saying my university is bad, all the student at any university will face the same situation dowh.
so dont worry, coz not ony u will feel it.
hahahahahahahahaha (my laugh dont sound like evil right?im not doing it on purpose)
now im already face almost all the student probs, i thought so...
maybe there is more probs, not the right time for the probs to appear yet.
too many probsand people will be stress about it.
but dont worry meh, u'll be able to cope with the probs,trust me dowh!
like i have been telling to you,
there will be easy thing in the university life.
sometimes people start with probs, then they manage to cope it.
but sometimes people start easy, but at the end too many probs they have to face.
how to cope the probs is when u at the right track
but dont worry sometimes u choose the wrong way, there always a back-up lah...
so prepare for it..
im still in the university, not graduate yet, but i just want to share my experience.
even though i know there is many people who have more experience than me.
but all of us have our own way to share it...
i still have about 2years or 4semester to study,
then insyallah if nothing happen i'll graduate. (i hope so!)
owh, just want to share, i have been scold by my lecturer in front my friend.
funny story and also not a sweet memory...
its our mistake, dont worry i would not blame anyone
we will not do it again.
after we meet the lecturer and apologise,nothing bad happen
but just 1 thing u will not be able to control
it is when other students that also in the same class(not so sure who there are)
are 'perli' us.
we become famous after the incident, people look at us in the bad way.
just want to say thanks for thsose who 'perli' us
coz now u can 'perli' us, who knows what will happen to you?
(maybe in the bad way or good?)
whatever they said, we just ignored coz it will be so childish to care about what all other people wil think
hey, im a human,im not perfect okay?
so im just want to advise who will be facing big probs, just ignore the negative thought,
all the  negative feedback.
who knows what will happen in the future...
owh, just want to advise again, for those who always dreaming to meet the perfect guy from U
i might say u must stop dreaming
coz what i now that there is no course for 'finding the right guy/girl at U'
or going to the U to find ur BF/GF.
if that what u want to do, maybe it is better for u to stay at home
because not all people married to the guy that they found at!
it also 'menjengkelkan' for everyone to see this 'love bird' to 'fly' around the campus.
because there is no law to restricted the student to be the 'love bird'
unless u do something 'tak senonoh', u might be arrested/punish.
if there is a law that restricted for the 'love bird', maybe i suggest the punishment for them is.....
ah, not nice to say lah....
the most important is always pray and dont forget ur parents.
sometimes people have too many program they involved until they forget to pray
not so good la...
then there is certain type of peoplethat willing to spend their credit to call the love one
but forgetting to call their own parents.
owh, i didnt know that their love one pay for their fees to enter the U (sarcastic dowh!)
sometime our parents will not mention that they worried about us ,
but we as their child should know it.
just take about 10min to call our parents,
im sure u feel much better when u talk to them 
sometimes  im calling my mak almost everyday coz im so lonely at here,
having too much probs and activity.
when i talk to my mak, i feel much better...
(i miss and love u,mak)
lastly, dont forget to do revision.
because in my experience, when i became too lazy to do revision
i will became more blur in the class...
when the lecturer discussing the subject in the class,
i'll be blur, like:
"hah, since when i learned this?i think i never learned it!"
(and the blur face will appear)
so that's all i want to type in this post.
i want to congrats to all the stpm and spm candidates..
no matter what ur result is, if u put more effort, u will the success...
for the stpm candidates u may apply for umk.
it's a good U, only me that is not so good (LOL)
dont worry UMK always welcome the new students....
thank u coz spending time reading my blog (^_^)

(i just want to apologise for all the grammer,vocab,spelling error n etc because 
it have been a long time i didnt write Engish essay)

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