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Saturday, August 31, 2013

its time to say goodbye...

Posted by huSDee_sweet at 6:10 AM

i think it have been time for me to say goodbye to my hometown.
i'll be back to my 2nd hmetown,where i study.
so goodbye to Kedah and Kelantan will be welcoming me back.
i think time have been pass by too fast
i'll be enjoying doing more assgnment,presentation,
group work,studying,quiz,test and im always waiting for the end of the sem 
so i can seat for the final exam.
what a long journey...
my post have been too long for people to read and it will make people feel bored.
so i'll be telling a little bit more...
im having a good time at my hometwn...
im enjying holiday at Perak.celebrated 
Hari Raya at my house.
im feeling so good when i hangout wth my friens.its been a long time i haven't see them.
so,im really miss them,tq coz spending ur tme with me.
then my friends also belanja me(im forgot what is 'belanja' in english
first time i went to 
Gemilang restaurant,they have a delicious burger at there.i realy enjyed that(although 
Linda belanja me the double plate and Kinder
)feeling so luck.
so today i went to buy bus ticket at Shahab 
Perdana n guess what?sara belanja me beb
!feeling more lucky now
!we eat snack plate with cheezy wadges and then she also bought me a slipper
(a nice one) at the fipper...
so what a lucky holiday i have been through.such a good holiday... 
im hoping that it always been a good holiday evrytime i went home....
so thats all,thanks for reading
i also all of u having a good holiday and weekend!

ohhh,befre i forgot,today is Merdeka day
so Selamat 
Hari Merdeka.
how lucky we are Malaysian
im proud to be Malaysian u know

thats all,thanks.


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