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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jerman Language Last Day 18-Dec-2014

Posted by huSDee_sweet at 11:32 AM

this sem(fifth sem in UMK)
was the last sem that i'll learned Jerman language.
so perhaps it was the last sem(not last sem of study),
i (without ashamed) took picture with my Dozent.
my fourth sem Dozent wasn't at there,
so no opportunity to take picture with him...
both Dozent is soooooo sporting n easy to give mark(thats why i like it!).
my Jerman level is no high like the twin tower
my level-kira blh2 ja
dont toooo fluent to speak Jerman,but will try the best
(my final exam was postponed, now Kelantan is like an island)
if u want me to type it, it will be difficult coz some huruf wasnt here.
if u know what i mean.
so, i just gladly want to thank to my both Dozent,
der Dozent ist nett!
what a wonderful experience when i can add on my knowledge
by learning new language.
if i can, i want to learn all language
(sooooooo greedy la)
hope this sem i can score with flying colour(u know what i mean?)
it is not toooo difficult to get A
if u usaha, u'll be able to get it
just have to practice it often,
so u could memorize it... (the meaning la)
other language is also easy,
but for me i have been learning Jerman after SPM, i find it easier
coz use the same huruf like in Malay n English language
no need to learn new huruf la...
then, some nouns also we have been learn in english
for example: das Auto = a car
if there is many car,cars la.
so it will be die Auto,just change the das
for all nouns that become plural it will used die.
owh,okay,am i teaching people now?
sorry, i'll stop being a!
dont have the talent to bcome teacher, if i bcme a teacher,
my student will absolutely hate me (im easy to get angry n always scold people)
okay, back to story,
my Dozent come from Europe, 
hope 1 day, i n all my corse-mate have opportunity to go there
(hope soooo)
if im so wealthy, i wouldnt mind spending money go there
(keep dreaming la)
then, lastly, thank to all my course-mate coz help me when im toooo blur...
im also aplogise to my Dozent if im tooo blur sometimes in class
my brain go blank n krik krik krik....
thats all,im gonna show u my Dozent n his assistant for this sem...

how tall they are, so sad coz im the shortest one....

thats all,thanks.....


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