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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Women's Multivite with Evening Primrose Oil

Posted by huSDee_sweet at 11:02 PM

Women's Multivite with Evening Primrose Oil

Women's Multivite with Evening Primrose Oil

Product Details:

Women's MultiVite with EPO (30 tablets)
A one-a day formula to provide all the vitamins and minerals needed by adult women. A special women`s health formula with evening primrose oil, royal jelly, korean ginseng, vitamins, herbs and minerals. For good health and extra energy in Women of all ages.

 Amt per tablet 
- Vitamin E (natural)50iu 
- Vitamin D200iu 
- Calcium Ascorbate100mg 
- Beta Carotene (for vitamin A5000iu 
- Elemental Zinc15mg 
- Elemental Magnesium50mg 
- Elemental Iron10mg 
- Elemental Chromium50mcg 
- Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL)30mg 
- Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)30mg 
- Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)30mg 
- Calcium Pantothenate (B5)22mg 
- Cyanocobalamine (B12)75mcg 
- Folic Acid200mcg 
- Biotin40mcg 
- Korean Ginseng (3:1 extract)17mg 
- Bioflavonoids130mg 
- Royal Jelly50mg 
- Evening Primrose Oil50mg 

Contains no sugar, starch, sodium, artificial flavours, preservatives or animal by-products.
Directions :
Take 1 tablet daily after any meal - for all women over 18 years of age

so cmna dgn sgla details yg tlh dberi?berasa brmnat x?
msti dok trtnya2 brpa rm satu?

1 bottle : RM29.95

postage : RM10

prses pnghntran brg maybe amik msa 2-sminggu lpas pmbyaran depends on kat lokasi pnghntran.

klau brminat blh la inbox @ pm fb Sweet Corner
klu nk tnggal komen kt post ni pn leh,tp lbih ssuai inbox kat fb Sweet Corner.


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