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Friday, April 20, 2012


Posted by huSDee_sweet at 6:54 AM

hai peeps!
its been long time i didn't post anything at my blog.
(ignore my worst grammer)
so, today with the new news.
im gonna sit for MedSu test!
im already searching some example MedSi question.
i have to answer 300 qustions...
wow!what a great news to read....(hahahahahahaha)
im not sure which one answer should i mark???
this MedSi will be on 28 April 2012
i think, the whole world (Malaysia) will have the same test day.
not sure if the time also the same.....
but, i wish i could answer all the questions (just want to know how fast i can answer it!)
just wish other candidates "all the best"
i'll post more info after i take the MedSi test....



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