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Friday, May 15, 2015

Kuala Terengganu

Posted by huSDee_sweet at 12:14 PM

welcome to Terengganu!
wah, this buruh day,
we take the opportunity to visit kuala terengganu,
where my friend live there.
actually i have been there for the second time.
still remeber my post about the prs family day?
it was held there...
ganu kita yeah....
(already change the lyrics by me)
just went there about 3days 2night
so our activity absolutely pack maaa...
from kota bharu on friday we went to terengganu by bus, then my friend pick-up us.
then, we go to her home first.
then we go out to the crystal mosque, 
n then take a walk around there...then we went to pasar malam
buy foooodddd
so exhausted n hungry (as usual la)
then sleep time
the next morning (not too morning la)
we went to pantai  near masjid terapung, it picnic time
eat, eat, and eat
so kenyang la that time.
then we go n celup our kaki sikit coz didnt bring any swimsuit-wow!
the water is so clear n what a wonderful view at there.
then, the next destination is pantai batu buruk,
do the same activity-celup2 kaki ja.
makan2 angin jap kat situ.
then we went to mydin-shopping time
eventhough im too papa kedana that time,
im only bought important stuff only (secreto d amor)
that mydin re the same s the other mydin-of course la-its a franchise lorh
then went home
the next day is our last day in ganu,
we went to the pasar payang-near the bus terminal
this is the time for people that papa kedana like me to shopping
coz the price is not to high
acceptable for me la
hasilnya, i bought 2 little tortoise, a squishy tortoise keychain,
magnetic tortoise, 3 tshirt, kain batik-thats all
see, many things i bought
thats why i said it was sooo reasonable
then, we went to the terminal bus-waiting for the bus
the bus came soooo late
im just wannna curse them-but if i did that, nothing will changed
so i wait patiently la
about 7pm we safely arrive at kota bharu-
all the assignment are waiting for us to complete it
what a loyal assignment they are...
im gonna upload the picture later-coz now i feel soooo lazy to transfer the picture
sorry lorh
overall, terengganu got many attraction place, so never postpone ur trip to ganu ya
u gonna regret it later...
so happy weekend to ll of u
n dont forget to follow my instagram
thanks coz u spend ur time reading my blog-later on i will updte the pictures
dont forget to visit my blog back...


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