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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Posted by huSDee_sweet at 1:17 PM

Image result for powtoon characters
since, im not blogging in a loooonnnnggg time,
so sorry for the readers!
quite busy at campus,
must do the assignmnt, presntation, final year project n 
add on online class
cozno more wifi were sponsored while im at home,
so no time to keep updating.
with the slow line iternet at my home,
it quite challenging n so annoy la!
so this week kinda lazy to do anything regarding to my homework,
so gooogle2, then found this PowToon!
great website for those who is soooo creative,
u can make ur own animation for free,
but surely u need to pay for the advance mode la.
so im sooo poor, just use the free one la.
since this is my first try,
i just edit the video that already exist in the PawToon.
actually there is a lot of existing video, u can edit them like i have done here
u can scroll down to see my edited video.
u also can do ur own video without editing the existed video,
quite interesting yah!
go n try now,
sign up for freee,
if u kinda not creative like me, just edit the existing video!
soooo great!
so better go n try,
thereis a lot of thing u can explore by urself on their website.
if u already about this, how lucky u are!
coz im kinda slow motion like the snail in the it area la...
enjoy watching my humble first try video:

thanks for spending ur time here (^_^)


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