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Monday, December 24, 2012


Posted by huSDee_sweet at 2:42 PM

im sure that many people didnt know what is gamelan
gamelan is a set of tradisional music tools 
(correct me if i was wrong)
so, many young people didn't play this kind of music tools.
they are more attractive to play guitar,drums and etc.
so, I'll show some of the gamelan tools.
so hope u will enjoy it and hope u want to try it.
i suggest that u take degree at umk!
im sure u can play gamelan
choose gamelan for ur curriculum!
(broken English,ignore it)

benda ni org pnggil gendang :

 yg ni nama dia gambang

yang ni bonang : 

ni nama dia saron :

 yg ni msti ramai tau, ni la gong :
ni lak nama dia kenong :


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