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Monday, December 24, 2012

1 nov 12-McD time

Posted by huSDee_sweet at 2:24 PM

(belated post,sorry)
feeling so lucky n happy coz today i'll go home for my mid sem.
because im so happy, so i went to the McD that is located near my campus.
(feeling so lucky again)
so, when i go to the McD,like always,i didnt know what i want to eat
but im sure that i want to eat mcd's burger!
so, im ordering double samurai burger!
so big n so delicious!
evendo when im typing right now,i feel like i want to go to the McD
and grab some burger!
so delicious!i think i cat write anymore coz that will make me hungry!
so i let the pictures tell everythings!

(im sorry if i didnt upload the pictures yet,just gonna wait for the internet to be much better)

i also snap some pictures before get into the bus
and some picture in the bus
just to fill in my masa lapang in the bus
first time naik bus double decker
feeling dizzy with the people in the bus.
there is a couple talk to loud, so it add on my dizziness-right spelling@not?
sometime i feel like want to throw up,but luckly!
i have minyak cap kapak that can reduce my dizziness!

(i'll try upload the pictures later,please wait.tq)


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