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Monday, June 13, 2011


Posted by huSDee_sweet at 2:33 AM

very2 frust today because didnt get the good result!
just waiting for my mother to get angry with me
such a disaster day!
don't know what I'm suppose to do???
should I repeat it???

but, when I thinking about it again, i shouldn't need to repeat it again!
if i want to repeat it again, i didn't have much time to do revision again!
so, i think let it be like that!
i shouldn't let it be like that???
very2 confuse!!!

i have a lot of homework to do!
magazine, essay, buy a book, revision( homework?)

so, let me think for a while!
to relax my mind n my soul!
I have to pray to relax my mind n take a nap!
such a good activity to do~nap!


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